Breeding Objectives

Commercially Focused means more to us than just a slogan. Our commercial herd is the backbone of our farming operation. Wyndarra herd normally sits around 400 breeders, the Stud currently is 55 Red Angus and 10 Shorthorn Breeders which leaves the majority commercial.

Wyndarra has operated as a self-replacing herd for over 60 years. Breeding our own Bulls and Females gives us total control, resulting in a very even line of calves every year.

Heifers are mated at 12 months for 6 weeks only. This guarantees only fertile females enter our herd. Any heifers not pregnant are sent to beef that spring.

Cows have 9 weeks mating with empty females culled.

Stud females run under the same conditions as commercial.

We strive for soft easy doing cattle that can fit any market. Fertility, milk, Temperament, good feet and legs are vital in breeders. Muscle, importantly EMA, with good growth rates improves the bottom line.

Calves are weaned at 5 – 6 months in a full yard/early weaning program. They are protocoled and settled in yards with hay, then moved to the feedlot and given a ration for about 7 days to develop their rumen. They are then turned out on green grass. This sets them up for better feed conversion and more milk production in heifers.

Red Angus gives us the flexibility to turn off of these calves according to seasonal conditions and market trends for each year. We have the option of grain feeding short or long term, finishing on grass or selling stores. Red Angus gives us the flexibility to choose our best option each year.

We are always on the lookout for new genetics. After having an extremely successful Ai Program in 2020 we will continue to Ai and Source semen from around the world. We also purchase Embryo’s as an outcross option.



Tara Roley was purchased by Wyndarra in 2021 from Tara Shorthorns. He was Kent’s pick of the yearling bulls.

Sprys Thermal Energy GLSQ71

Sprys Thermal Energy Q71 is the son of the great Muridale Thermal Energy 15A a very proven sire in the Shorthorn breed. We selected him as an Ai Sire because he is structually sound, great figures and is a soft easy doing type bull.

Sprys Primrose Buddy GLSJ17 Ai Sire

A proven complete package. Sound, quiet, medium framed and Homo Polled, Trait leader for BW and Gestation Length. He’s suitable for both heifers and cows so we are able to use him over what ever we select.

The Foundation Females That Shaped Wyndarra


Narralda Patsy was purchased in our first group of ten Shorthorn heifers from Narralda. She’s a nice moderate heifer, structurally sound and a lovely temperament.


Narralda Jennys Gift was purchased in our first group of ten Shorthorn heifers from Narralda. She is structurally sound slightly bigger frame and has an amazing temperament. She was the first to calve and has just weaned and outstanding heifer calf.