Welcome to Wyndarra Grazing


Wyndarra is a cattle property on the Perup River, east of Manjimup. Traditional cattle country with 650mm average annual rainfall that was taken up by Kent’s Grandfather, Ted, in 1950 as a bare (bush) block.

In 2019 Gavin suddenly passed away, this was a massive shock for the family and the community. A fourth generation cattle farmer Gavin has always strived for quality in his cattle. This is a trait that shines through in Kent. Kent and his wife Nicole now run Wyndarra along with their 3 children.

We have always bred red cattle and wanted another breed to use over our predominantly Poll Hereford females. In 2000 we purchased our first Red Angus bull. Before we even had calves on the ground, Kent, then at Bindoon Ag School, wanted to buy a couple of registered heifers. This was the beginning of the Red Angus herd. Kent and Nicole have decided to introduce Shorthorn cattle to the herd and have started up a small Shorthorn stud. The bulls will be put over the Red Angus commercial herd for that hybrid vigour.

Red Angus have proven to be a great choice for us. They perform well at Wyndarra, producing excellent calves that work for us, whatever market we decide to target.

In 1987 Wyndarra won the WA Beef Breeder of the Year competition at Beef Week, with a pen of 5 Limousin Poll Hereford cross heifers. In 2012 Gavin and Raelene decided to enter cattle into the Beef Australia Carcase Competition. They Won 1st and 2nd in that class. They then won the ANZ Pasture Fed Standard Award followed by the ANZ Achievement Award Highest Pen Award. In 2015 Wyndarra won the Meat Standards Australia eating quality award and the Individual Carcase at the ANZ Beef Australia National Carcase Competition.



At Wyndarra we place a high standard on animal health.
Every year all animals are vaccinated with 7-1. Cows receive All-trace boluses every year.
Drenching is normally done once a year, young stock at marking and weaning.
We operate a closed system with all animals entering the farm being checked for BVDV and being fully vaccinated.



In 2011 Gavin & Raelene made the decision to have a go at the Carcass Competition, Beef 2012.

Colin Rex our Red Angus EO has a passion for carcass competitions and was encouraging members to enter. We had a good start to the season and our calves were looking good. Previous success over the years gave us the confidence we could be competitive.

February saw us draft 2 pens of 3 steers, still on Mum, and send them off for slaughter. The MSA grading’s came back very good, we had given it our best shot and we waited for May to get the results.

Our entries were in Class 1 and we were excited to place 1st and 2nd in that class. We then won the ANZ Pasture Fed Standard Award followed by the ANZ Achievement Award Highest Pen Award.

To hear our name called for the Champion Carcass was unbelievable.
Gavin rates winning 1st and 2nd in a class of 19 entries as more rewarding than the Champion Carcass. The whole experience was one we will never forget.



Kent and Nicole met many years ago but it wasn’t until 2014 they thought they would give things a go!

Kent at the time was a fencing contractor and Nicole was dairy farming in Busselton. In 2019 they Married and have 3 children in tow, Ellie, Ivy and Jack.

Kent introduced Nicole to the Red Angus breed and she was instantly impressed. Together they share a passion for farming. Kent is keen on all aspects of farming whereas Nicole prefers the animal health and welfare side of things.

Together they have continued on the Red Angus stud after the passing of Gavin and have introduced the Shorthorn breed to Wyndarra.