We Have 37 Years Of Experience

Kent and Nicole Muir welcome you to Wyndarra. We love to show people around our farm and share our passion for quality Red Cattle. We have taken the farm over from Kent’s late Father Gavin and Raelene who had been breeding Red Angus since 2000.  Gavin said when asked by an ABC reporter the secret to winning the Beef Ex 2012 Champion Carcass in Rockhampton, purchase quality, breed quality and look after your livestock.




Whats going on?


Wyndarra paid Top Price for Narralda Heifers

On Wednesday the 24th of February 2021 we attended the Narralda Shorthorn sale in Mount Barker. We were fortunate to secure 6 registered heifers, one in particular was the top price heifer for the sale. Narralda Jennys Gift R132. The heifers were a particular type that we were after and will bring some new genetics to our herd.

Harvey Beef Gate 2 Plate

Harvey Beef Gate 2 Plate team has been carefully selected and taken to Mt Barker, We look forward to seeing how they go in the challenge. Keep an eye out for an update in March and results in May/June.